Victorian Tea Fund Raiser

Victorian Tea crowd 2014 300x169 - Victorian Tea Fund RaiserA Victorian Tea Party is a great fundraiser!
This one has grown and grown over the years.  Each parent sets a table for tea with different themes and settings, and boy, some of them are pretty fancy if you know what I mean.  They sell places at the tables  and the proceeds go  to the charity to offer special events and productions.  Attendance this last year was approximately 300 to 400 guests in a huge tent placed in the parking lot.    Some of the guests’ costumes are very creative.

In comes Fred’s String Band to provide some upbeat and elegant music.  We perform classics and light classics and even some more contemporary selections forVictorian Tea trio 2014 300x169 - Victorian Tea Fund Raiser the pleasure of the guests while enjoying their tea and snacks.  A few selections were Honey Bun from South Pacific,  Lida Rose from Music Man, and  Merry Widow Waltz.  These are among the many pieces that are in our expansive library.  This has become an annual event for us, and we look forward to many more.

This is one of the continuing adventures of Fred’s String Band’s live performances.  For more about our appearances, and all our services, go to  We hope to see you live and in person soon making music at your event. For more Information, please call 949-642-1686 and ask for Will.


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