Palm Springs String Quartet

palm springs life 1 - Palm Springs String QuartetWe did a String Quartet for a Gay couple in the Palm Springs area.  This engagement was unusual because the client  not only chose the music for the ceremony, he chose the music for the entire engagement.  Usually the clients are only interested in the music for the ceremony, because the songs they choose have a specific meaning to them.  He actually chose a variety of classical music (Baroque, etc.) and songs from Broadway shows. So it was quite a mix of  selections.


barry manilow - Palm Springs String QuartetAnyway, we started the prelude music, and then went to the ceremony.  In walks Barry Manilow with his dog and sat down (Barry and the dog).  The ceremony went very well, and then everyone adjourned to the hors d’oeuvres and enjoyed the company.  We were approached  by several guests and were complimented on the selections and performance of the music.  These are the things we want to hear!!

This is one of the continuing adventures of Fred’s String Band’s live performances.  For more about our appearances, and all our services, go to  We hope to see you live and in person soon -at the shop or making music at your event  For more Information, please call 949-642-1686 and ask for Will..

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