Irish Band

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Getting their green on, the band is ready for fun!

Bring the spirit of the Emerald Isle to your event with our all-Irish sound! We play a great selection of traditional Irish tunes, many made famous by the great Irish folk singers like the Abbey Tavern Singers and the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. If you want rollicking Irish jigs, wistful ballads of that grand and greenest land, the music that surrounds the famous warmth of an Irish welcome, or the Notre Dame fight song, call us. When we add our special magic to your party, everyone will know why there are only two kinds of people: those who are Irish, and those who wish they were! And every guest will feel Irish for a day.  For more Information, please call 949-642-1686 and ask for Will.

For a complete list of our Irish Songs, please click here.

Here’s a sample – sing along to Sweet Molly Malone –

Here’s more of the sounds of The Ould Sod