German Band (Octoberfest)

The great Oom-Pah sounds of a German Octoberfest band are a wonderful thing for any party or gathering! Fred’s String Band is not all strings for this – in fact, it’s accordion, tuba, trombone, and all the other instruments we need to make you hoist a stein and shout “Prosit!”

German Band s 300x169 - German Band (Octoberfest)

Call AFG Music at (949) 642-1686 and ask for Will to find out how we can bring these fabulous, fun Old World sounds to your event!

See and hear our Oom-pah band liven up Octoberfest, 2016:

Here’s more of that great, happy Oom-pah Octoberfest sound:

We’re looking forward to adding this kind of fun to your event! Call us now at 949-642-1686 for booking information.